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MACABRO FICH invites you to submit your Long Feature and Short Horror Films (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, etc.) for our 2013 edition. Please read this guideline before sending materials or submission files. We’ll be glad to answer or give you more info NON INCLUDED in this Call for Works. You can contact us at contacto@macabro.mx or macabro.fich@gmail.com 

1.1 No age or nationality limit.
1.2 Each participant can submit as many Works as desired.
1.3 Each Work will be considered mainly to be included in the COMPETITION sections: Long International Feature, International short Film and Mexican Short Film. Works non selected for competition could be selected to be screened in another section.
1.4 We don’t charge submission fee and we don’t pay rental fee for Films in Competition.
1.5 There is no restriction for the production format.
1.6 Macabro will accept Works that had been screened on lnternational Fantastic or Horror Festivals, as well as films for premiere.
1.7 Macabro won’t accept Works that had commercial distribution in Theatres in Mexico before the 12th edition of our Festival. If we invite your film, it will be played in another section.
1.8 Macabro will accept Works from 2011 to date for the Competition Section.

2.1 Submissions period begin from now and will be open permanently.
2.2 You can send your screener through the following:

                a) Internet submission via www.movibeta.com 

- Enter in the next link and click in the Macabro Fich logo: http://www.movibeta.com/festival/site/festivales.html
Follow the instructions and fill in the submission form on line and attach your files.
- The submission fee is from 1.5 to 4€ for each video.

                b) Submission via airmail. Package must include:

- 2 DVD copies previously tested, the Festival will not consider your work and will not ask for another copy if it is not in good shape. Please notice that DVD copies will not be returned.

- Submission form with all the information requested. Ask for it at the next adress: 

- Stills and Photographs (300dpi) of the film for its publication in the official catalogue and website, as well as technical info and synopsis. Please don’t send big packages with lots of press info, posters, postcards or production info. If your film is selected we will ask for them.

Packages must be send via airmail to next address:

P.O. Box 77-A

Important: Couriers Agencies (DHL, FEDEX, UPS etc.), don’t deliver packages to P.O. boxes, don’t waste your time or your Money. Please send your films via airmail.

2.3. Authors are fully responsible for the rights of their Works. 
2.4 Submission Deadline for 2013 Macabro Festival Edition is May 1st. Works delivered after this date will be consider for 2014 edition.

3.1 Your film could be selected for COMPETITION or EXHIBITION according to the Festival Organization. This decision is unappelable.
3.2 Works spoken in a different language than Spanish will be screened with Spanish/English Subtitles.
3.3 In case the Film submitted is a Work in a progress, you must notify the date of deliverance of the Final Work, if not, the Festival Organization can declare it out of competition. 
3.4  Works selected for the official competition, must be sent in 35mm DVD or Blu-Ray in dates and formats previously agreed with the Festival Organization.
* Note for the 35 mm prints: Participants must send via e-mail the shipment information with the Film Title, number of reels, shipment date and shipment via. 
3.5 The Festival Organization will communicate the participants dates and schedule of the Films, and will not screen each Title more than three times during the Festival. The organization will notify via e-mail of any exhibition of the long feature films in alternative venues and showcase after the main event. We won't send notification emails to non selected works.

4.1 Films selection will be limited.
4.2  The screening of the films will be in 35mm DVD and Blu-Ray formats.
4.3 35mm prints should have a label with the return address. Once the Festival is finished, prints will be returned in a period no longer than seven days.
4.4 Winners of the competition could be screened for Festival Sponsors.
4.5 The Festival could invite films for the Competition Section. The request of a screener is not an automatic invitation.

5.- JURY
5.1 The Official Jury composed by Horror Filmmakers and Specialists, will be in charge of giving the International Horror Film Award.
 5.2 Decisions of the Jury will be definitive and could declare empty any of the categories.

6.1 Festival Organization will solve any doubt or controversies. Its decision will be unappealable. 
6.2 Festival Organization could show fragments of Films from the Official Selection with promotional purposes (website, youtube, social networks, TV). 
6.3 Submission imply conditions acceptance.

Macabro: Mexico City lnternational Horror Film Festival establish the next awards:

7.1 Macabro Award to International Horror Long Feature Film.
7.2 Macabro Silver Award to Best Long Feature Film Director
7.3 Macabro - CTT Jade Award to Best Mexican Short Film
7.4 Macabro Onix Award to Best international Short Film
7.5 Macabro will anounce financial or sponsored Awards for each competition.  
8.1Macabro FICH is produced by the nonprofit Organization Arte Audiovisual Alternativo, A.C.
8.2 Macabro Fich, Macabro logo and Macabro Fest are trade mark. All use without permission is forbidden.

For more info, please write to contacto@macabro.mx/macabro.fich@gmail.com
Visit Macabro Film Festival sites for general information, activities, news and videos:

August, 2013 – 12th edition.

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